Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think that I have found a new passion for my self, taking pictures is one of my passions, but that isn't the new passion. The new passion is making bows! I recently made these bow and I think they turned out very cute. But I want to see what you think....

This hair do is very simple! There is just a braid up the back.... and it isn't even a french braid. Is that simple or what?

Then a puff braid in the front.

A very simple twist bun. With a bow (or ribbon or flower)

This is way cute! I love to curl short hair! This would be a good hairstyle to do for pictures.

I parted her hair and inserted a rubber-band. Then I did a "twist" as Bailey calls it.

and I added a bow.


Sugar On Top Boutique said...

Cute, cute bow! It is very addicting, isn't it!!!

Hair Between my Fingers said...

very addicting... but a good addiction! :D

Abbie said...

Your bows are super cute! So are the hairdo's by the way! Keep them coming!

Girly Do's said...

Very cute bows. Good job!

Gemstone Photography said...

Oh, I understand the hair bow addiction! I seem to make tons of them for my girls!

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