Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Hair-Styles #1

This is way cute. It is a great Easter hairdo. I got the idea for this while looking at the Fun Christmas Up-Do at She Does Hair

You simply divide the hair into 3 sections: Top, Middle, Bottom.
The Bottom and Top need to be divided in two.

To each of the Top and Bottom's sections I "Twisted" them or pulled the ponytail through.
I took two sections from each twist, and then put the rest into a Messy Bun.

I curled, each of the sections that I didn't put into the Messy Bun, with my Flat Iron.

Then, of course, the final ribbon, bow, or flower.

Jenna just lost a tooth and she finally looks like a little First Grader.


Merynne said...

This "toothy" grin is just adorable! I like this style for church. And your bows from the last post are very cute! said...

HOW SWEET! Good Job on the do too:>

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