Monday, June 29, 2009

1st- "Simple Twist" 2nd- "Triangle Puffs" 3rd- "4th Braided Bun"

Today I'm going to do 3 hairstyles for one post! So I hope all goes well.

Yesterday my mom let me cut Bailey's hair, I was way excited! I ended up taking off more then my mom wanted but everyone is happy with the way it turned out, especially Bailey!

This is very simple, just a twist to hold back the bangs....

and a bow!

Here are some crazy pictures of us....
and our hair styles!

Here is the 2nd...
this is also very simple so I'm not even going to do instructions on this one.... If you have questions email me:

This is a 4th of July hair if I ever saw one!

I did a pony-tail, divided that into 3 sections and braided each of them...
I then braided all of those braids together.
I twisted the braid of braids into a bun and put a rubber-band around it.
I added ribbon and TADA!

1 comment:

Maddie GIrl said...

And who says simple can[t be fun?

Your kitchen is the same as mine!

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