Monday, September 7, 2009

Spiral Curl

I don't know why the pictures are all weird but they will at least give you an idea of what I did to Taleea's hair today... I just curled it with my straightener, if you have questions on that let me know. but other then that just follow the pictures down.


Zajcha said...

Is it possible that you could post a video on curling with straightners? I've looked on you tube and other video sites but i just don't get good curls. I'm thinking it could be my straightners (not that good) but it's worth trying it again.
Thanks, Zajcha

Idaho Stoker Family said...

Pretty sure for some reason i recognize that AERO shirt your little sister is wearing.... Huh wonder why??

Amber said...


Porsche said...

Yeah, could you please do a tutorial on how to curl with a straightner? I am very hair illiterate, and need all the help i can get! :)

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