Saturday, February 28, 2009

Curled Hair

Bailey wanted her hair to be curled in ringlets, but as we went along she decided she didn't want her hair like that. So I tried to loosen up the curls and I think it turned out cute. She thought it turned out adorable.

I just put rubber-bands in it because her hair is always falling out in headbands.
It didn't fall out at all today!

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Posh Toppings said...

This is genius! My 7yr old daughter can't wear headbands because 1. she has super fine hair and they pop off within seconds, and 2. she wears glasses, which makes the problem worse as the glasses and band compete for the space behind her ears. It never occurred to me to try this! I love the height it gives the hair at the crown. Maybe it will solve and 1, and even help 2. I'll give it a try! (And thanks for linking our new blog to yours! I'm adding you as well.)

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