Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pony for Short Hair!

I'm way stoked about this hair style. I'm always having trouble getting Taleea's hair in a pony just because it is so short. I really needed it in a pony because she was about to go play basketball. But I testify that this works! (Sorry but some of the pictures are blurry)

(taleea is crazy... i have no idea where she gets it from)
What you need:
Spray bottle
5 small rubber-bands
1 big rubber-band

You first part the hair to the side

You then take a section of hair and put a small rubber-band around it. Braid down quite aways...

...get another section of hair and connect that and the braid with a rubber-band.

Do the same braid one more time.

(this is hard to tell but this is the bottom of her hair.)
I added rubber-bands to the bottom to catch all of the small hairs that normally try to "run away." I pulled all of it together with a big rubber-band. 

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