Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As Seen at Babes in Hairland: Crown of Curls

I have to say that Babes in Hairland is in my top 3 hair sites... I get tons of my ideas from her! She is awesome so if you haven't checked her website out your missing out so run over there.
This hair style I copied from her. Click here to see how hers looked.
But this is how mine turned out: tell me what you think, I really LOVE COMMENTS!
If you need the instructions click here.

Bailey loves it and she claims that it will be her 1st day of school hair-style
I'm also thinking about putting music back on here.... I can put my EFY CD or the original music or you just let me know your favorites... Let me know what you think.
Either comment or you can email me with your suggestions about the music or about what you think of my hair styles at


Abbie said...

Way cute!

Colony's Cakes said...

I also LOVE this hairstyle! I did it on my daughter the day after she posted it and it turned out so cute! One of my favorites for sure! It turned out good with the short hair too! Really cute!

m e g h a n said...

Ohhhh Definatly the EFY cd!! I love that with a passion!

Chelsea said...

Super cute hair. i like it with the short hair. I'll try it on my daughter today. thanks for the post!

Chic-Clips said...

I still need to try this! It looks great!

Unknown said...

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